Talkings for your auditory head holes

Is this thing on?

Hey y’all, I have been slowed down on the typey typey but ramped up on the talky talky. My friend Allison and I took the leap into the trends of 2010 by starting a podcast called Separated for Talking. We have been friends since we were wee bebes which means we have lots of things to blackmail each other with. If you are a regular reader here, the topics are similar, only better because Allison is much more delightful than me and classes up the joint. There are stories, pop cultures, current events, swears, and lots of laughing. I may get my blogging mojo back too but in the meantime my commitment to being joyful and silly in public remains steadfast. If you miss me, come over and subscribe at . And then comment and stuff, because I miss you too.

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