Back to me

As I mentioned, the current state of mind in my life is that I have been in a funk that had started to feel like the funk of forty thousand years, and so I have been retooling my shit lately such that the funk will get sunk. I have named this effort Operation Joy It Up. Or, alternatively, Let’s Fucking Think About Me Again, How Bout Dah.

Here are some things I am in the process of instituting.

  1. Less Facebooks and tweety Twitters. There are a lot of things to keep up on, and it is true that one could check the news every hour and ever more dramatic things keep coming out, unabated, like a firehose of toxicity, but you know what? If I look at it maybe twice a day for a solid while, rather than 1 minute bursts every gotdamn hour of every day, I can still know what I need to know while not living in a constant state of doom. Social meeds that actually make me feel good? Instagram. So look at that all the livelong day, girl, I don’t care, but all the other stuff? Uncle Joey it and Cut. It. Out.
  2. Sing it Barbra: People…people who need….people… ARE THE PEOPLE WHO NEED TO MAKE RESERVATIONS TO FLY TO SEE THOSE PEOPLLLLLLLLLE. Reservations made. Loved ones! Ima come visit as many of yous as I can! Let’s run through a grassy field toward each other in slow motion while singing You Needed Me by Anne Murray!
  3. Put in time and effort for people who put in time and effort for me, and that’s kind of it for now. I need people who fill up my tank and at this point, let people maybe reach out to me instead of always being the one maintaining.  I usually am a pretty balanced friendship-haver but I have tipped over into doing most of the reaching out. This means that my social time will be significantly quieter, but that’s ok. Being Jack Reacher Outer is just not sustainable.
  4. Stay away from saying “fill up my tank” and calling myself the “reacher outer”, because it sounds weird and/or maybe filthy.
  5. Spend as much time as poss with my dude, because that’s when I am happiest.
  6. Read fiction and watch movies and teevees and listen to podcasts, etc. Somewhere around, oh idk, January 20 or so, I entered a hard core reading/watching drought. Since I have done the other things on this list, that drought is easing up. I am not nearly back to 2016 levels, but it’s getting better slowly.
  7. Think about all the ways that I am doing great, because I am, especially in ways that would not be evident to others, necessarily. Celebrate those things, even if just in my own head for a few minutes.
  8. Sit on my deck in the sun. That place has healing powers.
  10. Realize that I can’t do all the things. There is so much work to be done, and the world is terrible, and I am doing a lot of things, but there are only so many plates I can spin. Maybe do less plates and make sure some of the plates are about taking care of me.
  11. My homeslice Eric and I continue our text thread of songs back and forth each day. It’s kind of the best and I encourage you to find your music partner and give this present to yourself. It’s so fun. Here’s a link to our latest string of songs if you want to hear:

And if you don’t, here’s just one song off the list, with the catchiest beat ever.


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