International Rekha Celebration DAY!!!


I missed a couple of days of posting, so here are some Rekha facts to get caught up:

  1. Rekha is really good at getting rid of stuff, and her home always looks lovely and feels orderly as a result. I read Marie Kondo’s book, but when I’m trying to decide whether or not to get rid of something, I ask myself if Rekha would keep it around.
  2. Rekha understands why Sister Wives is a good and important television program.

    Sister Wives: We have hands

    (Speaking of which: WHATTT??? I gotta get caught up on my SW news.)

  3. Girl has kind of a crazy job – like one of those jobs that asks you to do about 20% more than you possibly could. (20% is an underestimate really.) BUT she still manages to conduct herself as a person, rather than the walking stressball I would be if I were her.

So! Hey! Birthdayyyy!!!!

I know lots of y’all have been reading this blog for a while. Maybe today leave a comment with a reason why? I’m sure you’ve got a million of them!

Happy birthday, Rekha. I sure am lucky to know you, and excited to continue the celebration of you all month long.



  1. Happy birthday! This blog has been a treasured part of my life for many years. Your writing has made me laugh during some of my toughest times and I’m so grateful to you for being a friendly, funny, thoughtful voice that brings me lots of happiness and cheer.

  2. Ooooh I am a few days late to this but I think Rekha’s blog is one of the very first I ever started reading, maybe 10 or 11 years ago? Wow. And I love it! I mean, come for the pop culture and the style and the house reno stuff, but stay for the realness and the raw, from the heart amazing stuff. Seriously. Happy Birthday!

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