IRCM: Fieldwork famous

It is Day 1 of INTERNATIONAL REKHA CELEBRATION MONTH (IRCM) here at Pop Culture Librarians! Come back every day in October for more insights into the awesomeness of Rekha.


The first time I saw Rekha, she was speaking on a panel. In library school, they occasionally hosted these panels of people who’d been INSIDE ACTUAL LIBRARIES to come and talk to the students about what it’s like in there.

I’m pretty sure this was a panel of library students who’d done internships–our library school called them Directed Field Works (nobody knows why). I was a first year student, and the second years who had been out there were telling us what was up. The internship Rekha had done was maybe weeding a collection–library talk for throwing out old, gross books–or maybe she had also done some reference desk work, I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m sure whatever she did was great but it wasn’t that I was so impressed with her book throwing-away skills. Even though our paths didn’t cross much in library school, I always remembered her from that panel. She seemed really cool and self-possessed; she radiated a low key confidence. I thought, I’d like to be like her when I grow up.


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