International Rekha Celebration Month

Hey you guys! So, it’s been a while? I’m not going to get into why I haven’t been posting, because the only thing less interesting than a post about why someone hasn’t been posting is a post about someone’s dream – and I’m saving that update for tomorrow.

Haha no but seriously. Sometimes you just feel like the world has had enough of you talking, you know?

However, buckle up because I’m BACK. In case you are unaware, October is International Rekha Celebration Month, and I’m gonna be here every. single. day. singing the praises of that girl.

Here is a tiny preview.

Rekha and I have done quite a few work-type presentations together, and we have a pretty sweet PowerPoint game if I do say so myself. Last week we were about to do a presentation and Rekha suggested that we each give the audience an interesting fact about the other, but without telling each other what it would be.

And then she said, “Of course, this could be like when people don’t share their vows with each other before the ceremony, and then one person says all kinds of deep, heartfelt stuff and the other person reads two lines out of a book.”

Me: “Haha, yeah, that would be so awkward!”

Flashforward: Presentation time.

In her anecdote about me, Rekha tells the story of a day I barely remember in which I come off looking like a huge hero: taking a sick coworker to the ER, big rescue, etc. Basically I am Prince Charming and Wonder Woman and kind of a saint.

And right when she finished talking I was like OH DAMN THIS IS GOING TO BE LIKE THE VOWS THING.

Even though there were roughly 8,270,1561 amazing things I could have said about Rekha, none of them came to me in that moment. So what I actually said was, “You all may not appreciate the Rekha fact I am about to share as much as you should.” (The audience laughed, bless them.)

“But you should know that Rekha has ENCYCLOPEDIC KNOWLEDGE of the Kardashians. And ALSO! Very intelligent analysis of their place in our culture! Her readings of their interactions with–” at which point Rekha very kindly cut me off and we got back to the PowerPoint.

So. It was kind of like the vows thing. Except that I am very sincere in my admiration of Rekha’s Kardashian knowledge and insights! More on this, perhaps, in a future blog post.

Anyway! I am doing a do-over with the Rekha facts, and it is happening right here on the blog. So get ready because it starts October 1, bebes.


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