Consumables #157 Watching: Spock and Weiner

Fall has fallen y’all! Do not get me wrong, I like fall, but I have never been a person who gets excited about the idea of a season. There are the WOO AUTUMN people who get revved up for sweaters and cider and pumpkins and there are the WOO WINTER people that get revved up for hot chocolate and holiday music and snow. I feel like there aren’t really WOO SPRING people. And summer is exciting if you associate it with vacations? I am jealous of the seasonal revver uppers, is all I am saying. I do not understand them, but I envy them. I am a fan of getting jazzed about stuff! I want to be jazzed at the sight of a gourd! But alas, my only season-adjacent question is: is it warm enough for me to not be an icicle? Yes or no? For lo, I am but a simple lass. All of this is to say CONGRATS WOO-AUTUMN PEOPLE! You must be very proud. If you could talk to your autumnal gods and tell them I would like to be warm as much as poss, that would be awesome.

I watched a couple of movies about a couple of dudes last week. These dudes did not have a lot in common, aside from having a bio-doc made about them. So pardon the coupling up of these two. They don’t really go together but they hit my eyeballs contiguously and thus they are paired.

I Am Spock.  That’s the name of the movie; I am not coming out to you as Mr. Spock, although DAMN that would be a plot twist!  If you are a Trek person, you probably have some love for Leonard Nimoy. He was very lovable, both as Spock and also in life. In interviews he always seems like a genuinely good dude, with smarts and gentleness and a desire to make things better in general, and a sense of humor about himself. All things to give a thumbs up to, or a Live Long and Prosper Hand, whichever. And this movie was not terrible, but it didn’t delve deeply into all the quirky goodness that was available. Like, they waste time talking to Zoe Saldana and Karl Urban who, ok, they are in the new Star Trek movies and they probably knew Nimoy a little bit, but where’s my Original Recipe Star Trek people at and can we hear more stories from them?  Also, Nimoy lived a rich artistic life both inside of Trek stuff and outside of it, and I wanted to hear about that bidness. Like, check out this article about Nimoy’s Full Body Project. I wanted a deep dive on stuff like that, and this movie wasn’t it. It was fine though. A solid fine.

Weiner. That’s the name of the movie; I am not calling you a weiner. This doc chronicles the period of time that Anthony Weiner ran for mayor of New York. His first set of sexting scandal already done (the doc does summarize this part of the story), he sets out to mayor it up. This movie surprised me a little bit. Did I like him? No. Did I feel for his wife? Yeppers. Did I find his behavior with ladies skeezy? Sure. Would I be friends with him? Nah. Would I date him? Hells no. But the thing is, when I was watching this movie, as much as I wanted to think: what is wrong with this dude? What I really was thinking was: what is wrong with us? Like, I don’t want to say that how this person acts has absolutely no bearing on anything, but honestly? We care kind of too much about something that to my eye seems private to him, his wife, and the ladies he was involved with, who– at least as much as I understand it– were all engaged in legal, consensual activities. But we all got obsessed with it, which, when I really think about it, is weird. We are a weird people.

Spock and Weiner- one to make you feel pretty good about things, and one to bring you back down again. To boldly go, as it were.

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