Consumables #153 Terrible People and Miserable Wretches

Well, I think the blog may be magic, because no sooner had I written some shade about my neigh-bros, they cleaned off their front deck completely. No more ping pong table, no more garbage, no more red solo cup string lights, and no more yelling. ALL GONE. That is some Game of Thrones red witch stuff, people. Is this how you make shizz happen, by being a complainy whine-dog? What should we make happen next? Ok, how about this. I AM SO PERTURBED THAT I DO NOT HAVE TICKETS TO SEE TWO DOPE QUEENS IN PERSON. Ok, there. Now, we wait.

I have been watching two shows lately in a binge. Show number one: Veep. I am fascinated with it merely because it is able to make me laugh despite the fact that every last character is made up of internal garbage. Like, they are hhhhhhhhhhorrible people. Also depressing because, as a reflection of US politics, it seems like a totally plausible representation. There is a scene in Season 4 where they get news of a mass shooting and President Elaine Benis says something along the lines of “we need to get a statement out; there should be a ‘thoughts and prayers’ template you can use” and I wanted to lie down on the floor in a ball about how it’s supposed to be a farce but it is so, so not.

I have also started watching The Leftovers. I am one episode away from being done with Season 1 and I keep hearing that Season 2 is what you really want to hang in there for but LORDY I NEED SUPPORTY. This may be the most unrelentingly joyless show I have ever seen in mah lahf. Every last character in each episode is having the worst day of their life EVERY DAY EVERY EPISODE. And there is not one second of levity anywhere to be found. I mean, The Wire is depressing but they threw in things like Senator Davis saying “sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet” every now and then. Not so, Leftovers. The only relief I get out of that show is looking at close-ups of Justin Theroux and wondering if he is always wearing perfect eye makeup or if his eyes are just that pretty. If it is the former then I want to know what brand of mascara, homeboy. Hook a girl up.

After a couple of weeks where I am watching these two shows in the middle of so much grim real life nonfiction news, I am thinking I need to switch over to something that isn’t full of people with garbage souls or oppressive hopelessness. Suggestions welcome.


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