1999, heard in the 80s
With my older sister driving me around in our brown Chevy Citation, I hear a song on the radio about the impossibly futuristic 1999.
Little Red Corvette
My older brother’s friend Greg played this in his basement rec room and I had no idea what it was about, except that there were horses that run free somewhere in there, I guessed alongside the car? Something bitchin like that.
Dancing around my basement with my friend Malin, making hyper robot dances and laughing ourselves sick. There was a lot of hanging out in basements in my childhood.
Erotic City
No idea what erotic even meant, but I liked that they were possibly eating cherries? I literally thought they were eating cherries, you guys.
When Doves Cry
This song/video made me buy fingerless lace gloves and I wore the shit out of them.
Let’s Go Crazy
Darling Nikki
At my 7th grade birthday party we listened to this and Jenny told us all what masturbating was and we were like GIRL, WHAT.
Purple Rain
I told my aunt that this was my new fave movie and she rented it and watched it, was scandalized, and we had a super awkward conversation about it that lasted about three minutes.
I Would Die 4 U
I just love this song.
A Love Bizarre
Had it on cassingle, mothersuckazzzzz
Do Me Now
Went through a phase in early high school where all my friends and I would declare our attraction to our young cohorts by proclaiming HE CAN TOTALLY DO ME. When we would see a cutie we would simply say “DMN” to each other, to signify “Do me now.” Most of us knew nothing about doing nobody, but we talked a shit ton of smack.
I remember the precise moment my friend Shanelle and I were dancing to this song and realized what sugarwalls were. We both played it off like we had known it all along.
This song makes me think about walking around town on a particular summer night at about 16 years old in a large group of homies. Was someone playing this song? I don’t remember.
The Beautiful Ones
Little Red Corvette (again)
My freshman year in college I dated a guy who told me that his dad sang along to this song with the wrong words: “GIMME A BREAK, COLLETTE!”
Gett Off
I got into a huge fight with a guy about whether or not Prince’s songs objectified women or whether they were sex/women-positive or both. I honestly can’t remember who argued what but it was a barn burner.
Nothing Compares 2U
It was only in my early 20s that I figured out that this was a Prince song before it was a Sinead song. Played on repeat.
Raspberry Beret
Went on a date with a guy where he picked me up in his car on a spring day and we just drove around in the country all day, listening to music and talking. This was one of the songs I remember. I liked that guy so much, but it was our only date.
Working late at the theater, going to after-show parties, make out musix.
1999 (again)
The year 2000 is here already? At least we have this jam to listen to.
Purple Rain (again)
Re-watched the movie. Ooh dang. PROBLEMATIC.
Sometimes It Snows In April
Shit breaks me down every. single. time.
Pop Life
You may have noticed, the title of this song is the tag line to this blog.
Life it ain’t real funky unless it’s got that pop.

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  1. Great list, girl. I think part of the problem is that Prince is MAGIC, and as such should have nothing to do with death.

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