Acai smoothies for everyone

Y’all, I am struggling with this Prince thing. Prince is MAGIC. MAGICAL MAGIC. Which should last FOREVER.



palmsI recently went to San Diego for the first time. Here are some things I learned:

  • All of the southern California stereotypes that are only kind of true about LA are 100% true about San Diego. Literally every human there is barefoot and riding a skateboard, carrying a surfboard, headed for the beach. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The only food available is acai smoothies.
  • It’s objectively a better town than LA. Traffic is not as bad, better beaches, more manageable. You could actually live there, if you had a billion dollars.
  • All the locals apologized for the terrible weather they were having. It was sunny with highs in the upper 60’s. We Seattlites laughed and laughed. lego
  • The airport is in the middle of the city. In the middle! Like, when you’re flying in, you’re pretty sure you’re going to land on one of the buildings downtown. It’s great because when you land you’re only about 5 minutes from wherever you need to go. The downside is that it kind of always sounds like the city is being dive-bombed.
  • Legoland is AWESOME.

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