Serenity Now

Yesterday was another banner day in the life of this young lady right heah! Right off the bat, I slept through my alarm. One nice thing about being a terrible sleeper is that I never sleep through my alarm. Heck, my alarm can just sigh loudly in preparation for going off and I am awake. But not yesterday! Thanks, Tuesday!

I had two kajillion meetings yesterday, all over town. As I was leaving my office for one of them, my car keys? They were not in my purse. Also, they were not in my office. Also, they were not in my hand (a common place where things are sometimes when I lose them). The awesome news is that I had been all over my building and also in adjacent locations downtown all morning, so my keys could have gotten left in about 12 places by then. It was super fun re-tracing my steps on a long quest to try to find them, like Gilgamesh looking for his got-damned emerald. (Anyone ever read Gilgamesh and picture him as Gargamel from the Smurfs the whole time? Just me?) After exhausting every place that I could think of that I could have left them, I ended up at my library’s Lost and Found, and THERE THE KEYS WERE. Probably should have started at the Lost and Found, is what you are thinking right now. YEAH I GOT THAT NOW THANKS.

And thennnnn I went to the parking garage and realized my parking ticket to get out of the parking garage was GONE LIKE THE WIND. Again, thanks Tuesday!

I shall wrap up by telling you that as I ran around, from meeting to meeting all day, I got myself into such a rushed frenzy that as I was washing my hands during a bathroom break, I went to do an underhanded wave below the soap dispenser, and the soap, she would not come out. Wave, wave, wave, come on soap, wave, wave, wave. I did this for, oh, maybe a good ten seconds before realizing that, rather than waving my hand under the soap dispenser (on the left), I was actually waving my hand under the paper towel dispenser (on the right) which not only does not dispense soap, but also isn’t activated by waving one’s hand underneath it. Yet, there I was, like a young Neville Longbottom, trying to make magics happen with my flaccid conjuring hand.

I am a graceful, serene being, floating above the vagaries and petty foibles of the common masses, tis true, tis true.

Anyway, it’s all worth it because I got to come home at 10pm and declare to my dude that, rather than Tuesday, my day had been POOHS-DAY. So, everything happens for a reason.

(Lost in Emotion, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam)

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  1. I never pictured Gilgamesh as Gargamel, but since I can’t un-read your post…I’ll probably now think of the two together…

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