C0nsumables #150 Watching The Good Wife and the Bad Debates

I can’t watch another debate, people. I just can’t DO IT NO MO. What are we even doing to ourselves? It’s like, every damn day with these foolios. I am a politically engaged person and I am being crushed. This can’t be good to entice non-engaged people.

Speaking of deadly repetition, can I tell you a little something about one of my fave shows, The Good Wife? There isn’t much I don’t love about this show; even its missteps are usually more interesting than most tv I watch. However. How many times is Hostile Takeover of the Firm going to be a plot point? I can’t even count how many times everyone and their meemaw wants to hatch a scheme to take over the firm. Diane and Will, David Lee, Cary, Alicia, Louis Canning, David Lee again, Cary again, on and on. There are many things to care about on the show and who is sitting in the big office ain’t a one. Like, what does being the boss of that firm even get you? It is not clear. Anyway, they brought that shit in AH-GAIN last week and I just want them to PLAY A NEW TUNE Y’ALL STUCK ON REPEAT. Anyway. At least they brought in an investigator to distract us with hotness. Not as hot as Kalinda but who is.

I went and saw this lovely singer/songwriter last weekend and now this is stuck on repeat in my earbuds. Now this repetition I can handle. Take a listen. Happy Friday!

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