And then there were two

I have been writing this here blog, pretty much without any major breaks, for you know how long? I will TELL you how long. Over a decade. Almost eleven years! THIS BLOG SHOULD BE IN SIXTH GRADE BY NOW.

When I first started writing, I was a teeny tiny baby librarian, fresh out of grad school. I lived in a duplex apartment that my neighbors and I called The Commune, because we shared everything like Monica/Rachel and Joey/Chandler. I won’t tell you which one of those people I am, but I bet you could guess. Destiny’s Child was still a thing. The Gilmore Girls was on tv. I DROVE A SATURN.

Since then, a lot has changed. I no longer live in the Commune and I don’t know those neighbors anymore. I am now a full on librarian who actually knows some things about librarianing. I own a house and know how much it costs to replace things like side sewers. I am more contemplative. My dad’s gone.

I have written over a thousand posts. There was a time where I pretty much always wrote three posts a week. I have met some of my favorite people on earth because they stopped in to read my blah blah. Like, I can think of at least seven right off the top of my head. It started out being a thing for me to practice being less self-conscious about my writing. My parameters were: just write something, anything, really fast and POST. Don’t edit, don’t revise, try not to care if it’s shitty. I think I may have gone too far down that path at this point and become the writing equivalent of that person who is so damn comfy they just wear pajamas to work.

These days, my blog and I are not as close. I keep wondering, why? True, my time for writing a lot of posts is being squeezed out by other things in my life. But maybe I just need a kick in the buttockial area to get myself excited about it again. Over the past few months, there were many times I thought: ugh! Maybe I should shut this shit down. But I CAIN’T! I CAIN’T QUIT YOU. So what to do? I decided to shake things up and get by with a little help from a friendo.

Did you notice last week that I changed the title up top to include an “s” on “Librarian?” And I went and changed my About Me to an About Us? This is because I have decided to go forth and multiply! From here until indefinitely, this shebang will be a TWO LADY OPERATION. This Cagney needs a Lacey up in here to get the job done. I’m splitting up the posting duties with my lovely librarian pal Hayden. She has been wanting to write somewheres and I just so happen to have a somewheres to write. I am hoping this will bring things from half-ass back to full-ass.

You’ll be hearing from her soon.

Hayden! Hey girrrrrrl.



  1. You added an s? And now you’re Stronger Together? Heeeeeeyyy, wait a minute… this sounds kinda familiar…

    But anyway, yay, I love this! The Blogerettes! The Blogdells! The Blogalogadingdongs!

  2. I DID notice the librarianS, and thought my newsreader just effed it up somehow… But this is way more interesting/exciting! (also has it really been that long, that’s wild)

  3. Tubular! I’ve been waiting a few days for a chance to dust off that word. Now is the perfect occasion. I think I’m going to shorten it for the new millennium.

    Dude, this news is totally tube.

  4. I applaud you. I recently took a look behind me at the mountain of words I’d piled up and decided — not to quit exactly, but to shift my focus onto getting all that content down off the internet and onto good ol’ paper. I didn’t even think of bringing in fresh blood, a new voice. It’s brilliant. You almost shut down, then pow! Double! I see world dominion in your future.

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