Consumables #149 Watching: 2015 Films

Oscars! Why do I watch them? I started to make a list, and after I wrote “outfits” I couldn’t think of another reason. Do I think they are relevant? Not really, and that doesn’t even take into consideration the #OscarsSoWhite stuff. But now that you mention it, once you add that in, I pretty much think the Oscars should be flushed down the crapper.

Instead of talking about Oscar nominees, I give you my own top ten list of 2015 movies, for your perusal and/or flushing down crapper needs.

Spotlight: Lookee that! I started with an Oscar-y one. I loved that this movie was about systemic, institutional issues, without leaving the individuals involved out of it either. It’s a heart slicer of a movie.

Diary of a Teenage Girl: Teen girl learning to navigate sexy business, told with such specificity and care. It’s dire, and hopeful, and funny, and sad, and scary, and embarrassing, and beautiful.

Tangerine: A day in the life of a woman trying to track down her cheating boyfriend/pimp, her tenderhearted best friend, and the taxi driver who frequents their neighborhood. Filmed entirely on an iPhone, for Pete’s sake.

Dope: A group of geek friends in Inglewood, in love with 80s hip hop culture and founders of their own punk band, have to figure out what to do when some drugs get left with them by accident.

Wolfpack and Charlies’ Country: I just told you about both of these but I loved them so much I couldn’t leave them off the list.

Spy: This was the most fun movie I saw in 2015.

Iris: She is a badass. And the clothes!

Dior and I: Also, clothes! I like to look at clothes movies, y’all.

Ballet 422: Hi, have you met me? This one is so obvious it’s sort of embarrassing.


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