Consumables #148 Watching: Bridge of Spies

I had all kind of plans for my President’s Day to get some crap done that is so past needing doing, and I was excited. CHECKLISTS, START YER ENGINES. I was going to have a Close Encounter of the Erranding Kind. Then I walked out of my front door and there was sideways wind and swirling icy rain and now I totally understand what Matt Damon felt like in The Martian so I canned that shizz pronto. I guess that’s one reason I could never be an astronaut. I went to “eh, forget it” in about twenty minutes. ONE SMALL STEP FOR MAN, ONE GIANT LEAP FOR EH FORGET IT

A bunch of friends texted me for brunch, which I did go out for (I will make one giant leap for pancakes) and then I got mineself into my house and stayed there. I didn’t think about the Presidents once.

I did, however, watch Bridge of Spies (I just accidentally typed Bridget of Spies which would def be a Bridget Jones movie I would watch the shit out of). I don’t know if it was the sleepy mood of my day or the fact that I was puttering around the house while I watched it but I can say two things about it: I liked it. Also, I can’t think of one thing to say about it. Tom Hanks is just the right amount of Tom Hanks. There’s a bridge. There are spies. There is a scene where prisoners are exchanged and it made me want to watch White Nights again, which also had a prisoner exchange and spying. Granted, White Nights had no bridge but I didn’t see Tom Hanks throwing in eleven pirouettes, and really, which would you rather have?

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