Consumables #146 Watching: Pride & Prejudice

We have now commenced the part of winter in Seattle where I start to wonder if I have been inadvertently cast in A Perfect Storm because I am so thoroughly drenched at all times that I can’t really remember what dryness feels like. (Side note: any mention of anything peripherally related to Mark Wahlberg in my household requires someone to say “COME ON COME ON, FEEL IT FEEL IT” a la the chorus of Good Vibrations, so please join with me in that if you wish). I perked up a little bit when I saw an ad for $80 plane tickets to Vegas yesterday. Of all places in the world, I do not want to go to Vegas, you guys. But SUN. FOR EIGHTY BUCKS. It is a temptation I am fighting.

I had the day off yesterday and I spent a considerable amount of time watching Pride and Prejudice. The Colin Firth version, of course, sucka please. I know that many people are fascinated with this mini-series, but let me tell you my particular fascinations.

  1. Of all the Colin Firths, this is the best one, yes? Well, paired with Bridget Jones Colin Firth, that is. Getting me to look past those mutton chops is not an easy task, but Mr. Darcy can GET IT.
  2. Cotton Empire-waist dresses. Those ladies are basically wearing nighties and making them acceptable.
  3. Little Bo Peep style hats. PEOPLE USED TO WEAR THESE.
  4. “In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” OH GIRL MY BREECHES CAN’T BE REPRESSED NEITHER
  5. I can’t figure out how these ladies aren’t falling over dead of boredom. They seem to do nothing but needlepoint and go to dances where they slowly march around in formations. In one scene, Lizzie is hanging out with her homies and local Mean Girl Miss Bingley comes over and asks her to take a walk with her AROUND THE ROOM. “It’s so refreshing!” she says.
  6. Despite social systems that are truly ridiculous, the heroines remain non-ridiculous. Which is what makes the whole thing still relevant, of course.

Lizzie plus Fitzwilliam 4evah



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