Do You Year What I Year

Cut, print, that’s a wrap, 2015! As we sail away to 2016 and wave our hankies toward the 2015 shores, I was going to do that dang annual quiz once ah-gain, for kicks, but I ain’t got no gumption for that so I shall break with tradition and just freeform it.
2015 was a year of lots of work-related happenings in both my life and my dude’s, which was good in many ways but not great for blogtimes because I have a strict Check Thineself Before Blog-Wrecking Thineself policy when it comes to writing about work. I like to keep things here strictly to events like the time I got shat upon by a birdie in a fancy restaurant. So, you know, the important matters.
Shiny things that occurred in 2015 included the fact that I became an aunt again. My brother, who was a confirmed bachelor for many a year, up and got married a few years ago, which made me go Ha-What like Lil Jon, and then this year, he became a daddy to a teeny beanie girly which made me go HO-KAY!, also like Lil Jon. I promise you I relate to my brother in non-Lil-Jon terms at other times.
I also managed to bust a move to various states throughout the year. Cities I visited were: San Diego, San Fran, San Antonio (so many “Sans” it was comic! Shut up, the jokes are free), Vegas, Portland, Vancouver, Michigan, Chicago, and Madison were all on my dance card and every last one of them was a grand old time. I also saw so many of my favorite faces from afar, including a record-breaking three-peat visit with Alli, a visit from Map, a soul-satisfying reunion with HEH who I hadn’t laid eyes on in over a decade, double hangout times with Rachel and also with Leah, plus Maddie, Jen, Annie, and so many more. Add to this my hometown crew and GodDAMMIT I know some great people. It doesn’t seem fair. I don’t have a new year’s resolution but the closest thing to it is that I think I need to have more fun on the regular. The fun I had this year seemed sort of interstitial- like, people came up to me and got in my face while I was doing other things to say HEY COME ON LET’S HAVE FUN, and I would say “Oh, yeah! That!” instead of me instigating any of it. I need to stop keeping my head down and instigate fun. Instead of depending on other people to make lemonade out of the lemons in my life, I need to just order a bourbon to start with.


Which brings me around to reflecting that in 2015 I, in a way that is quite uncharacteristic of my nature, paid less attention to my personal life overall than I normally do. What contributed to this is complicated, with its good parts and bad parts, but basically I think that the reverberations from losing my dad continue to settle inside of me in new ways. I think of 2013 as the year when everything broke apart, especially me, and then 2014 as a rebuilding year. The thing was, some stuff got rebuilt in 2014 and then into 2015, while other things did not. When everything goes to fuck all, turns out rebuilding every last piece of it takes a long time, and when it happens, sometimes what gets rebuilt is lopsided because you measured wrong, so you gotta build that shit all over again. 2015 saw me going buck wild on renovating some stuff to perfection, while other stuff gathered dust, ignored.  I try not to make myself feel bad about it, because intellectually it makes perfect sense to me, but it’s hard. When you are renovating your house, there comes a point where you think ARE WE DONE YET BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN RENOVATING FOR A BILLION WEEKS. That point usually happens after you have long finished fixing a busted side sewer and a subfloor full of black mold but it’s months later and you still haven’t put your baseboards in or re-tiled your bathroom, and you realize that even though the worst is over, you are nowhere near done.

I’m nowhere near done, y’all. But who is?

Happy New Year, everyone. Love to you in 2016.

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