I’ve got a fever for the flavor of a Kringle

Kris Kringle has come and gone once again and as you may recall I have a bumpy relationship with that guy. Some years I try to embrace him to my icy cold bosoms while other years I try to ignore him as best I can. No matter what I do, he always returns. This year I did the most bare minimum Christmas I have ever done – I didn’t do holiday cards, which I have typically done even though I realize that maybe they are annoying, but since when has being annoying stopped me from doing a thing? This year I didn’t do them because ain’t nobody got time for that. I also didn’t get nobody a present this year. Not a one. What a heifer!

These are the ways that I did engage with Mister Kringle.

  • My dude and I drove around the fancy neighborhoods that do fancy lights on their fancy houses. I love a fancy twinkle.
  • I made a green bean casserole to take to Christmas dinner at Biogirl’s house.
  • I saw a Star War.
  • I watched PeeWee’s Christmas special, which, if you haven’t seen it, I just have six words for you: Grace Jones, Little Richard, and Cher.
  • I made up my own Christmas carols off the top of my head and made my guy cry laughing from it. His favorite: a song called “Whatsa Matter You Christmas?”

I feel like that is plenty. See you next year, Kris!



  1. That special is the EFF EFFING best. Especially where he makes Frankie & Annette into savants. And Dinah Shore’s singing!

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