I love visitors

Just when you think you are OUT, I pull you back INNNNNNNNN.

Well, hello, lovelies! Please do not feel bad that I am totally neglecting you. Rest assured that I am busy neglecting many people IRL as well. N-E-G-L-E-C-T FIND OUT WHAT IT MEANS TO ME!

The last several weeks of my life have almost entirely consisted of me going to work and staying home with little else to speak of, except for the magic of OUT OF TOWN VISITORS. Much like the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, and/or the Kool-Aid man, I have people in my life who will come to my house and bust down the damn door when I am acting like I-want-to-be-alone-Greta-Garbo.

First guest was Maddie, all the way from the Big Apple. We ran around town in the pouring down rain that didn’t let up for one gee dee minute, starting with this weird conversation when she arrived:

Her: I was thinking of going to the music museum. Want to?

Me: You know what exhibits are going on?

Her: I don’t know. I heard something about there being, like, Macklemore’s coat in there. We could look at that.

GOOD SEATTLE MUSIC MUSEUM BURN, MADDIE. Only, the thing I didn’t realize was that Maddie was not joking me. There is indeed a museum exhibit where there were just a bunch of crazy coats on a rack that were Macklemore-inspired, and you could put one on and stand in front of a wall with a picture of Macklemore’s giant face on it. I vote yes on this activity.

Next up on the visitor train, my homegirls Alli and Map. We rode the Seattle ferris wheel, walked our butts off, had Deep Talks, and laughed ourselves green. We went to Bellingham for some pretty eyeball candy (that means nice scenery, not that we ate eyeballs). I didn’t take them to see Macklemore’s coats, but I thought about it.

And then! One more! My BFF from high school, HEH, came to visit me. We have always kept in touch, but because life can be stupid we had not seen each other in the flesh for year upon year upon year. Here is the thing I would like you to embroider on your favorite pillow: GO SEE YOUR PEEPS JUST DO IT SHUT UP GO. There is nothing like laying eyeballs on your pals even when you see each other’s Facebooks every damn day. Like, when I saw that girl after all this time, it was visceral. I cried, she cried, I just wanted to hug her into next week.

In some ways, life can take eensy bits out of you as you go through your day to day, and seeing your peoples can patch you back up. I need to remember that. When I forget, I am glad I have people who will Kool-Aid Man through my front door.

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  1. Peeps are the best, and thanks for the sewing project idea. Having always been susceptible to earworms, I used to sing the koolaid crash-through-wall song out loud and with gusto, and there was a time when I could do the whole vocal range of the belowlinked version, which is slightly different (earlier) from the one you’ve posted.

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