Dandy San Diego

Yes, it’s true, I went on another trip because my life doesn’t understand that what I want most in the world is to stay in my jimmer jams and make sure the Kardashians are Kept Up With. But NO. I had to fly the friendly skies once again, like a bird. (I re-watched The Notebook recently, which may win an award for the Romance I Find the Dumbest and I was re-struck by the scene where Rachel McAdams says: I’M A BIRD, CAW CAW, SAY I’M A BIRD. And then Ryan Gosling is all IF YOU’RE A BIRD, I’M A BIRD. And then they climb each other. Like, would you go to the bone zone with anyone that said either side of this exchange? May I suggest that if you are planning your wedding, you and your partner please re-enact this scene as part of your vows just to freak out your wedding guests. I am not a wedding person but I would so be down with being a guest at some matrimonials where someone did that).

This time the flight was to San Diego (CAW CAW SAY I’M A BIRD), which was very well timed because Seattle has opened up its big watery faucet drenching everything into a soggy puddle. I got off the plane in San Diego, walked outside and felt like a reptile (SAY I’M A REPTILE) warming up its scales in the sun. It was pretty awesome. I was only there for two days, but I ate tacos on both days that were life-changing tacos, and I met various really lovely people who helped me with some worky business, and I saw the ocean which looks like a completely different ocean than the one I live next to. So, piling on another trip was good, even though I’m a whiny baby who misses her own pillow.

Home now, not leaving my city for a while, which makes me happy. Also making me happy: Missy.

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