Weak End

My weekend had beef with me.

It started off by taking my dude down with some sort of flu or something Thursday night which resulted in 102 degree fever by Friday night.

Because he didn’t want to move off the couch for the night, I spent the night next to him on the other couch so I could be there if he woke up (THAT’S RIGHT I AM A HOLY HOLY SAINT) which resulted in a serious neck crink Saturday morning.

I got my hair cut by a new stylist who had her very own measurement system. When I said “take one inch off” she converted that to Scissorhandsmeters and hacked off about 4 inches.

My dude started to feel better-ish on Saturday in that way that people do, where all you want to do is lie on the couch and watch tv that doesn’t really take much attention. Therefore I have been exposed to hour upon hour of Blue Bloods starring Magnum PI and Donnie Wahlberg.

My neighbors over at Camp Broseph have thrown ragers every night for the past two nights.

It rained sideways into my face all weekend. I felt like it was personal.

Ok, week. Let’s get it together.

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