Blew Through the Windy City

 I went on a hectic dash around the country a couple of weeks ago and neglected to tell you about it because there is mad shame in my blog game these days. It is all but a hazy memory by now but I’ll try to catch you up.

First stop: Chicago

  • The early fall warmth of a midwest autumn (and resultant doubling in size of my hairdo) combined with hanging with Alli, my friend since I was 4, and her dude Chris, my pal in his own right, always the best.
  • We went to the Art Institute, an oldie but goodie in my life, and proceeded to wander around in 100 different directions yet still somehow always end up in the middle of the ancient Greek pottery. Of all the arts to lay eyeballs on, I think that looking at what cups people were drinking their Hellenic era hooch out of is probably one of my least faves, yet at the Institute, all roads lead back to carafes from BC times.
  • More art was seen at a big street art fair in Wicker Park. We walked around, it was hot as snot, the art was awesome.
  • As always happens when I am at Alli’s and Chris’ house, I am exposed to more sportsball in one weekend than I am the entire rest of the year just by watching tv with them. This time I learned that baseball games last hundreds of years. I think I saw people in the stands drinking out of Hellenic vessels.
  • Do not let Alli make you her gin and tonic right before taking you out to eat a meal with people you have not met before unless you want to be stone cold drunk when you meet them for the first time.

Chicago done. Next up, Madison.

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