Popping back in like a horrible boyfriend who ain’t called in weeks


It has been a somewhat eventful couple of weeks. Time for a little Inigo Montoya style “there is too much. Let me sum up” catch up post.

I took a ferry ride across the Sound with two of my pals in order to attend a fancy party type deal at a resort place. The resort is right on the water and an IDEAL LOCALE for setting a season of The Bachelor. I just wanted to do nothing else but hand out roses the entire time I was there. While there, our hosts raffled off some prizes and Heavens to Mergatroid, they called my NUMBA! You know what I won? A free golf game on their course. (Sad horns). There was a table near me where a dude had been salivating for that prize and he straight up wilted when I got it. So I went over there and gave him my prize. It may not have been a Bachelorette rose, but I think he may have wanted to marry me for that dang free golf game.

My friend Annie came through town with her fam a little bit ago and her petit bebe was so scrumptious it was a crime against my gut bone. Like, seriously, come on, baby. Too much cute. Annie is a person I met through the blog times many years ago and we have visited each other over the years and it’s just the best. This go around I got to meet her husband as well and that was also a delight. Good job, blog magiks, for connecting me up with those good ‘uns!

I had a free slot for lunch the other day and I decided to email a person who I like a lot but have never done anything with solo (this is an I-only-see-you-at-parties acquaintance) and ask them to have lunch with me, and then we did. I sometimes forget that reaching out is good and there are lots of nice people in the world to have lunch with. I just have to remember to ask.

I went on a trip to San Francheesy for work, and a few days before I left, my dude found out that his work required a trip to Berkeley at the same time. What a co-inky-dink. I know that there are many things to do and see in that area but really my takeaway from this trip was that the best thing to do there is eat. The restaurants they have there, yo. They are not playing. I did not have one meal there that wasn’t criminally good.

I got to hang out with my beautiful and talented friend Jen a few times while there. One time my dude and I decided to get good and lost first, wandering around the city like a couple of shitwits while she waited for us at the lunch spot…and waited…and waited. When we arrived she had gone ahead and ordered a table full of ridonk mexican fare so it was just all waiting for us to shovel into our taco-holes as we sat down. That’s a gracious lady right there. After that we walked around the ferry building (where they have a fancy mushroom store which was like my dude found his mothership) and a hilarious moment where he was giving Jen a hug while she was in an incredibly long line for the ladies room, and she had just gotten to the front of the line and was about to go it, but because we had to leave all of a sudden (our ride had shown up) the goodbyes had to happen immediamente, so they hugged it out while half of her was pretty much in the loo door. It was sort of the best goodbye of all time.

I went to a bar at the top of this hotel so’s I could look at the view, and we ordered three drinks (all of them pretty plain drinks like rum and coke or what have you) and that shit was SIXTY AMERICAN DOLLARS. Not counting tip! Galled, I was, and remain so.

We got to spend the day in the presence of one my favorite people, Rachel. She took us over to Golden Gate park and we traversed the botanical gardens there. After that we went to dinner at a Burmese restaurant that was so good I wanted to flip the table. We then went over to the Mission district and had ice cream and walked around. All of it, perfection. Such a good day.

Oh, yeah, and then a little thing called marriage equality happened in all 50 states. So you know. We all lost our shit.

Lastly, some work friends and I went to this tiki bar that is located in the basement of a fancy hotel. There is a pool in the middle of the floor and every 15 minutes or so, indoor rain falls over the pool along with simulated thunder and lightning, and then there is a small stage with a band on it, playing classic dance hits, and the stage floats around the pool as the band plays. It was BONKERS.

Now I am back in Seattle and it has been hot all week, which I am in total love with.

   Botanical garden photo by Rachel.


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