Consumables #137 Reading: I’ll Drink to That

Summer is in FULL SWING in Seattle. No half swing for us! Someone done turned the lights on and we are all acting like drunkie drunk drunks because of it. Over Memorial Day weekend, I had a few people over to kick off sun times on our deck but it was a bit premature so we all sat there pretending to like it wearing our coats and shivering our timbers. You know you have nice friends when they pretend to like something on your behalf. But now! NOW it is happening, and it is so fab. Our deck has become our extra living room and dining area and it is officially the best. I take back every last bit of whining I did last summer when we were building that bastard.

This weekend kicked off with my friend H and I doing to a runway show for Seattle Fashion Week. It was set in this warehouse that is usually used for trapeze training (oh, Seattle) and looking at the trapeze high above us the whole time made me think: not easy looking. What is the saying “fly through the air with the greatest of ease” or something? Um, I call bullshit on that no question. Other fashion show notes: I love a good swag bag, you guys. Where else am I going to get Dolce and Gabbana mascara? Sure as shit not ever buying that. Also, you know how Miss Jay coaches models to walk on ANTM and it seems funny and absurd? I’m not going to say it’s NOT funny and absurd, HOWEVER when you are watching a runway show and a model does not have a good model walk, it is so distracting. Like, you just start looking at the walking and that means you are not looking at the clothes. Have you ever noticed how varied all of our walks are? Lots of us are bouncing, wobbling, schlepping our way around and this is fine for humanity but it’s perplexing when looking at clothes. When I was a dancer I remember learning different ways to walk, and I had kind of forgotten about it. Neutral walking is a thing, and nowhere is this more apparent than when you are watching people tromp up and down a long skinny platform for two hours.

Speaking of fashion, I recently read I’ll Drink to That, a memoir by Betty Halbreich. Halbreich was the personal shopper at New York’s Bergdorf Goodman department store for over forty years, and quite the character with quite the life story. She grew up a privileged daughter and then wife in a way that reads like an MGM musical. Parties! Clothes! Suitors! This period of her life ends up revealing, Mad Men style, hidden demons that make her life come crashing down, which leads to her reinvention via the career that will make her famous in the fashion world. I liked the life story stuff but what I loved most of all were her thoughts on clothes and the art of being a personal shopper. Her descriptions of the ways she puts pieces together and how she interacts with her clients was what kept me turning pages.

Jill Sobule, Supermodel

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