Away to Canaday

I have yet to master the fine art of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep on any sort of consistent basis for many years now. Every once in a while I sleep really well and when I wake up I feel like a freaking jillion bucks and I am pretty sure I would be president or at least have invented a flux capacitor by now with the brain power I would have had if I knew how to get some Z’s like a Normal. I may not know how to sleep very well, but I do know this: when you don’t sleep well, when the alarm goes off and you drag yourself out of the bed, yell out SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK and this will help you a little bit. So I hear. Not that I have done that.

This past weekend my gentleman-friend and I decided to make a run for the northerly border. We decided this at the last minute, and therefore I violated one of my trip-planning rules: it’s fine to be spontaneous but you should always know where you are going to sleep and you should always have eating options thought through ahead of time. The hotel I booked. The eating: no idea. This resulted in my arriving in Vancouver full on hangry as we tried to find a place to eat lunch and every place we tried had a long wait line.

So far we have covered my being bad at sleeping and bad at eating. I promise you that we will stay within the confines of these two bodily functions and not a one more.

After the Canada/US Hangry Incident of 2015, the rest of the trip was damn fine. We wandered around with absolutely no rhyme or reason. I learned two things about my dude that in all these years I never knew: he has never been to a planetarium show in his life and he has never had a Slurpie from 7-11. You would think that the Slurpie thing would be the thing to remedy first especially since OMG there are 7-11s up the Canadian ying-yang, like seriously SO MANY 7-11s, but no. I got a bee in my bonnet about the planetarium thing. WE ARE GOING TO A CANADIAN PLANETARIUM IMMEDIATELY. Which we did. I prepped him by saying that he would have a powerful urge for sleepy times in there and he agreed with my via letting out the snortiest Dad-snore in the middle of the show that you have ever heard in your life. The kind where it is so loud that it wakes up the snoring person and scares them a little bit. This made me silent-laugh so hard that I choked on my own chuckle which caused me to cough like I had consumption. So, planetarium show: NAILED IT.

We never got around to the Slurpie.

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