Tick Tock and It Don’t Stop

Ok ok ok ok ok here’s the thing that you should know about me. When I am feeling mid-level whiney times, I tend to shut up. My feeling is, no one needs to hear my whining. No one, that is, except maybe my dude because he sort of has to. And so this is why it has been hard for me to get up the gumption for blog times lately. I AM TOO TIRED (whine whine). Also I JUST WANT TO WHINE ABOUT BEING TOO TIRED (meta whine whine). This does not make for great blogging.

The thing of it is, I have been working a lot. Like, more than I really should be. Quitting time seems to come and then go and yet there I sit, working myself stale, like a first class chump. Add to that the fact that Fixy McNordic Boy works even more than that. Like we are talking pulling 16 hour days like they are going out of style. I’m worried about that guy, and it’s stressing me OWWWWT. I also have other worries that are feeling a bit heavy and our lives have been so frantic that they have gotten really small, like I haven’t really reached out much, and where are all my friends again? I know they’re out there but we’re too busy running around like our asses are on fire and also my mom went home on her own again and I miss her but also am worried about her and then also I have some sort of grumpy cold that causes severe sniffles and grump symptoms and on top of that I busted my phone and when I transferred all my shit off my old phone to the new one all of my saved voicemails from my dad got erased forever and I hadn’t even listened to any of them since he died and I certainly wasn’t ready to do that soon anyway but I thought that some day there would come a day where I would want to hear those again and it was like I was saving them because I thought that when I was ready to listen to them I would then know that I am no longer devastated with missing him so anyway I was saving them and now they are gone and also AHHHHHHHHHHH

What I am saying is that this past month or so has had a frantic quality to it. I DO NOT LIKE IT. There’s never any time. I feel like life is getting away from me, days are going by like frames in a movie, flick, flick, flick, and I’m just like: wait! What was that? Go back! Can I see that part again? I missed it! And time is like suck it, sister. Why is time being a jerk? Time used to be my friend.

This is why I haven’t been blogging. This past week though, I have been turning my shit around. I MEAN IT. Come on, lady. Honestly. Get it together.

Mid-level whiney times OUT


  1. Slow it down, Charlie Brown. But also, I am so sorry about the VMs–that straight up sucks. You don’t, though. You rock!

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