Consumables #126 Watching: The Imitation Game

Watching this movie was an exercise in understanding how very truly, perfectly, annoyingly effing predictable I am. Because I really liked this movie, but you know what? It was made up of the same tired jigsaw pieces of story that we have all seen a million, billion trillion times over. Reduce, reuse, recycle, yo!

Here are the pieces that I am apparently willing to buy with my hard earned dolla dolla bills.

1. World War II. HOW MANY STORIES CAN I TAKE IN ABOUT WORLD WAR 2? A lot times a bunch, that’s how many. I love it. But like, can we pick another war to be obsessed over? And don’t say World War I, that’s cheating. How about we make a movie about the War of the Golden Stool? First of all, it has the best name of a war ever created. Second of all, we have not yet heard about that war, like not even once.

2. Code-breaking. You guys, I knew nothing about this movie, and my guy was like “do you want to see the Imitation Game? It has Benedict Cumberbatch and he’s breaking a WW2 code or something” and I was all YESSSSSS. How is this the only information I need for movie watching?

3. Misunderstood, loner genius times. I like it when petulant geniuses get dragged off while screaming “YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND MY WORK!” Maybe I picture this happening to me after I make a particularly spectacular spreadsheet at the library or something. Although I have to say that I was relieved to hear that this was not actually the way Turing was.

4. Branson from Downton Abbey! (Spoiler alert) He got to play a Commie-lover in this one too. Talk about recycling. But I love Branson.

5. Feminism that is, in the grand scheme of things, pretty easy. Keira Knightly gets obnoxiously told, once, that she can’t possibly be smart because she is a lady, but she basically says “no thanks to THAT, fools” and then she’s totes part of the team. Structural sexism- like a faint fart fog that you just have to side step. Easy peasy! Ugh.

6. Tweed. Lots of tweed.

7. World War 2 era wallpaper. SIGN ME UP.

What can I say for myself for being a sucker for all of these things? Not that much. Then again, I have argued that the Steve McQueen “banjos and bells” scene in Love with a Proper Stranger is one of the best movie scenes of all-time, so you know, consider the source.

One comment

  1. Enjoyed this post what else is new. Last time my sweetie and I got to go out to a movie it came down to a choice between the McConaughey, whom I have been disenjoying for some time now despite early promise, and Cummerbun Bandersnatch, whom I enjoy very much. After watching the trailer for Imitation Game it was clear that there was no need to watch the actual movie — it didn’t really give away anything so much as signal that it was a movie of that certain kind. I knew that it would be well done but also that it would be so predictable that I would want to run out of there screaming. I knew it would push all these kinds of buttons, in this order, and even how the end would work. I couldn’t do it. We got in line for Interstellar instead, and despite the list of unanswered questions and unlikelihoods — “we found you drifting in space near Saturn” — I felt we chose well. It was a beautiful move that avoided most convenient tropes, and I believe I will be haunted by the scene behind the bookcase forever. Plus it was nice to be back in the McConaughey fan club. It now occurs to me that you didn’t really ask for my opinion about any of this.

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