Happy Presidentine’s Day

This weekend! It was perFECtion. Turns out that when you combine two holidays that seem somewhat rubbish, it adds up to all good things. Valentines for President’s Day, Presidents for Valentine’s Day. Mix ’em up and serve it up and I will EAT IT.

The week had kicked my booty to the max so on Friday night I turned down an offer from some lovely friends of mine who wanted to go out to get our dance pants on, in favor of some good old fashioned Chinese takeout, glazed staring, sofa sitting, and going to sleep by 8:30. I felt a little bad missing the dancing because there is little else that I love more than a booty shake, but that Friday night decompression, it felt like a million dollarinis. Plus the dancing wouldn’t have even gotten started until after 9pm and who are you kidding with that sort of start time on a Friday? Not this fool.

On Saturday we went to the movies where we walked by lines that were easily hundreds of people long who were all waiting to see Fifty Shades of No Thanks. We waltzed by all of them in order to see a modestly attended Imitation Game. I know, it was Valentine’s Day so perhaps we should have seen something romantical or racy…My coworker told me that her mom mispronounces the actor’s name as “Benedict Cummersnatch,” so we can mark that down as enough ribaldry for this crew.

Another thing that happened this weekend was the SUN CAME OUT. This resulted in our very first meal outside on our deck in 2015! WITH NO COATS ON EVEN. This year is going to be the Year of Deck Living at our house, y’all, and I cannot WAIT.

Then on Sunday we got to hang out with my dear friend from ye olde early blogging days, Rachel. I think she, along with our friend Maddie, may have been the very first blog friends I ever converted into IRL friends from this very blog way back in dinosaur times when I started writing on the interwebbery. She and her manfriend Bryan were in town from California and we traipsed around Seattle sunshine for the afternoon, hung out at our house a bit, went out to fancy dinnering, and wrapped up with some gelato (it probably wasn’t quite warm enough for late night gelato but I was sun drunk from the day). I love that lady- she’s just a goddamn delight. Thanks, blog!

Monday I wrapped up my weekend by cleaning my house, doing laundry, and watching hours upon hours of the latest season of Sister Wives. So you know, I slid out of there with a bang.


Cupid, Sam Cooke

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  1. WOOOOOOOO best weekend ever! Now I’m back in Man Jose (typo intentional) and all I crave are good food and good company. Til June!

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