Leaving Las Vegas

Considering that the first and only other time I went to Vegas, it struck me as so unpleasantly banutters, I am happy to report that this go around was eleventy three times better. Here are my thoughts on why this time was not only bearable but enjoyable.

1. This stay clocked in at about 36 hours, which felt like a light glaze of cheeseball, as opposed to my last trip, which was more than double that and felt like a scary Hotel California You Can Never Leave situation. Lesson learned. In and out, burgers.

2. This time I stayed away from kitschy lodgings shaped like the Pyramids and went to the Bellagio. The Bellagio has natural light (whaaaat Vegas the land of perpetual indoor nighttime) and ways to walk through it without having to go into a casino. And fancy rooms, and I love a super nice hotel room, people.

3. This time it was February instead of July so it I didn’t feel like I was a chicken caught by Kenny Roger’s Roasters up in that business. Instead it was 70 degrees with a light breezy in the heezy. Coming from the cold wet sponge that is Seattle in February, this was worth a lot.

4. The last time I was in Vegas it was for work and therefore I had meetings and locations and wayfinding and punctuality concerns. Vegas is not built for clock-centric living AT ALL. The only way to be there is if you have nowhere in particular to be.

5. Drop some bucks on some high end foodstuffs. It is like Fancy Feast for non-cat humans in Vegas!

6.  We went to the Neon Museum and it was SO COOL. Go to there.

So, yes Vegas, you were working for me this time around. I never would have thought it.

Las Vegas Tribute by Barry Manilow

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