Fly Away

Him: I never see you no more. Let’s go somewhere for the weekend.

Me: Portland, Vancouver, the coast? All sogfests, though.

Him: Let’s go someplace warm.

Me: A last-minute plane ticket will cost one meelion dollars.

Him: There’s got to be a deal somewhere.

Me: (typey typey computer lookup) The only cheap last minute tickets are for Vegas. Vegas is warm!

Him: I thought Vegas made you queasy.

Me: Oh, it was straight icky. But I want to take you there to see if it will make you feel gross too.

Him: Is that a reason to go there? To see if it will make me feel gross?

Me: Um, heck yes.

Him: Sold.

Me: Really?

Him: Buy the tickets.



  1. Never been to Vegas. Had it planned once, got canceled. It is 4 degrees here in Boston with 3 feet of snow. I need warmth. Have fun!

    1. Tara! FOUR degrees. OY. I will have a drink for you. Or put a coin in a nickel slot for you. Or throw a handful of glitter for you. Or something Vegas-ish like that.

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