Let’s argue about whether Adam is Snapey

Since Girls is back on the air, my friend over on the Twitters mentioned that she thought that Jessa, had she gone to Hogwarts, would have been in Slytherin. From this comment, I give you the rest of my thoughts on the relationship between Girls and Harry Potter.

Hannah, Moaning Myrtle

Shoshanna, Luna Lovegood

Marnie, some chickie who attends that bullshit French wizard school where Fleur came from

Laird, member of GRYFFINDOR (patronus: turtle)

These are the extent of my thoughts on the subject. You guys, it’s been a tiring week.

One comment

  1. I just started watching Girls Season 1 on HBO go on my ipad! I love it! Makes me actually stay on the ‘dread mill’ for an hour! We also got Apple TV so I can also catch up there, my husband likes it too. 🙂

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