Consumables #120 Reading: The Storied Life of A.J. Fickry

Today I took my mom clothes shopping, which she hasn’t done much of in the past couple of years. I am the best supportive shopper, you guys. If you ever want to go clothes shopping and you need a person to go along and help you get your dress up game going, I swear to you I AM IT. The fashion whisperer. I will get you into what you need. I am so good at it! I am not even going to humblebrag or front or anything. This is a thing I rock. Outfitting. Why am I good at things that no one cares about? This is why no one ever wants me on their apocalypse team.

The other portion of my day off has been consumed with making my nephew a playlist. First of all, the fact that he wants me to do this? COOL AUNT CRED ON THE LINE, PEOPLE. I could accidentally put some 90s poopoo song that I love on there (hello, The Cardigans) and the coolness jig will be up. Careful, me, just BE CAREFUL. Agh, the pressure.

Anyway, so I read this book called The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, which was quite enjoyable in a Hallmark Original Movie starring Steve Guttenberg and Lori Loughlin sort of way (what was I just saying about cool cred? Dang). By this I mean that I found it to be completely pandering but with sign posts that, if you love those particular sign posts, are so awesomely done. Are you a person that romanticizes small town bookstores? Are you a person that wants those small town bookstores to be owned and operated by lonely, grumpy people who need their hearts opened up? Are you a person that will tolerate the old plot device where a lonely someone somehow inherits a baby that they never wanted? (How are all these people in stories and movies inheriting babies? Like, I am pretty sure this is not how it works when a baby gets abandoned). Will you want romance to find the baby inheritor? Will one party of this romance have a tragically dead wife? Will you want someone in the story to contract an illness so that you can boohoo into your hanky for a bit? Of COURSE you want these things. We all want these things. Make yourself a cup of General Mills International Coffee, get cozy, and read it.

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