Consumables #118 Reading: The Riverman

The book opens with a scene where a man remembers one of his first memories as a child, which revolve around a day when he was playing near a river near his house, and he sees a dead body, floating in the river, one of its arms floating back and forth in a way that looks as though it is waving hello to the child.

HEEBIE to the JEEBIE to the CHILLIES in my WILLIES, people. I keep reading the creepy ass books lately. Not full on scary, horror books. Just ones that have a touch of the frights hidden in there somewhere. It has been super foggy here lately, right around full moon time this week, to the point where planes that were flying into the city last night had to be diverted away because no one could see a blasted thing, so it has put me in a mood.

Fiona is young girl who befriends Alistair who lives down the street. Alistair knows that Fiona is odd, quirky, weird, but he kind of likes her, until she starts telling him about her interactions with an entity she calls The Riverman, who lures kids into his world and then steals their souls. Is Fiona entering into an alternate reality for reals? Is she messing with him just for kicks? Is she being abused and calling to Alistair for help via a metaphorical story? Is she losing it and becoming dangerous herself? This is the type of plot that keeps you guessing throughout as you try to figure out what is real and what isn’t, just as Alistair has to. And The Riverman could be anywhere.

It’s a book written for a middle school age audience, but it has some adult themes in it and will appeal to older kids and adults too. If you want your timbers shivered just a bit, read this one.

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