Ho Ho Ho, Homies

Well, well, well, I sort of dropped the bloggie like it was hot these past twelve days, didn’t I? I sugar plum forgot about you, is the truth of it, but I am back, Christmas is over, and we are skidding right into 2015 sooner than you know it! I, for one, am READY FREDDY.

This year was the most Christmas-filled year that I have had in a very long time, due to the fact that my mom has been staying with me and has been hella into the idea of Christmas, so I have squashed my Grinchy tendencies as much as is possible. I have made cookies, I have Christmas shopped, there was Christmas tunage on the stereophonics machine, I decked my dang halls, and I WAS CHEERY I SWEAR I WAS. I even ate chestnuts! So Santa or Elf on a Shelf or whatever other magic Christmas judgmental entity there may be, I have succumbed to you and am a factotum of Christmas company policy. Now that I have run the Christmas gauntlet, I still maintain my Charlie Brown-esque Christmas boredom, but the two things I will toot as Christmas positives are: (1) I got some days off work. Lazy ass sluggish times, wut wut wuh-HUT! and (2) spending lots of family time because I love my fam, wish I had more time with them, and we make each other laugh our guts up.Some may argue that these two things have little to do with Christmas, really, since they can happen anytime, and some may argue that no, Christmas creates the atmosphere by which these things occur more readily. It’s your classic Chicken and Egg and Yule Log conundrum. I leave it to you to debate the facts.I shall try to get back on the blog wagon now, if I am not too drunk off of eggnog (ew) and hot buttered rum (gah) and the like.Christmas, OUT! Let’s close it with my favorite Boxing Day carol, the only song to focus on the day after Christmas.Last Christmas, by Wham!

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