Ceremonial Serviette Fail

This weekend I hung out with my mom, who tried to convince me of a few things:

That I need to buy more formal napkins. Apparently you cannot wipe your yap poshly enough in my house. The shame! Second, that we should make one batch of Christmas cookies per day until Christmas. This would mean that we would end up with 12 batches of Christmas cookies. Is this the request of a reasonable woman, I ask you? Third, that I need ornaments or a Christmas tree or something. Who is this person that raised me a heathen and where did she put my mother?

Because I love my mama, we have made three batches of cookies in three days and I bought a two-foot rosemary bush that is cut into the shape of a Christmas tree, BUT I DRAW THE LINE ON LOFTY NAPKINS. I have no idea why this is the boundary I am setting, but there you have it.

My bro, sis-in-law, and nephew hung out with us this weekend (I think my nephew may have given Cookie Monster a run for his money the way he was mowing those cookies down- maybe we do need a batch a day?). Because my brothers and sister need to spread out our visits to Michigan, we seldom get to be together with my mom (or when my dad was here) to hang out. So even though my sis and other bro weren’t here, half of our family in one spot is more than I usually get. Made me feel downright holiday-esque. Next thing you know Ima buy doily napkins and go full out Dowager Countess.


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