Consumables #115 Watching: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Here is the thing about every Marvel superhero movie I have seen in the past five years: I can say that I like them a lot, I am entertained, I will sign up for seeing them, but they go right into my eyeballs and out the back of my head immediately. I just watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier a few days ago and there are very few things I can remember about it. They are:

Captain America doesn’t wear that doofy outfit throughout most of the movie, until the last second when he busts into a museum where they have it on display and he steals it because he must have the right ensemble to kick some bootango. I feel ya, C-Ams. Wear it, honey.

There are French bad guys.

Nick Fury talks a lot about trusting no one. He’s in a big car chase because of something something.

There is a character named Bucky Barnes who is played by Sebastien Stan because alliteration.

Captain America has a sexy neighbor but (spoiler alert) he gets no play. Too bad because he needs action badly.

Robert Redford is there and he is shady. But that head of hair is glorious.

Stuff blows up. Fistfights happen amid crumbling, blown up stuff. I don’t remember what anyone was fighting about.

Why are these movies fun? I know they are, but they give me movie amnesia.

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