Consumables #110 Watching: Lightning Round

Lots to catch up on!

The Missing Picture

The director of this documentary is a survivor of the Khmer Rouge atrocities in Cambodia, and a sculpture artist. Using archival footage, an eerie first person narration, and (stay with me now) miniature clay recreations of wartime scenes, he retells his story. Made me think: how the ways we represent things have power, and how we can use this idea to try to reclaim power.

Particle Fever

Documentary about the buildup toward turning on the “power” switch of the Hadron Collider, which is a totally banaynays machine that busts up particles, which in turn causes big-time nerdgasms. There are lots of shots of physicists writing formulas and equations on chalkboards Matt-Damon-in-Goodwill-Hunting style, and the end of the movie is surprisingly touching, all of a sudden. Made me think: that when the scene rolls around where a bunch of scientists, presumably some of the best on Earth, decide to dance around and do a science rap, that I am a big stick in the mud because all I could think of was NOOOO YOU SHOULDA KEPT IT CLASSY DR. POINDEXTERS DO YOU THINK NEWTON OR MADAME CURIE OR MARIE DALY WOULDA PULLED THIS CRAP and I know: who am I to rap-block anyone?

The Voice

This is nothing more than people who can sing really well doing karaoke songs. I wish they would let them sing their own songs or something. Plus I find every last judge, except Blake Shelton, to be completely insufferable (Pharrell with his Living Your Best Life Yoda speeches is theeee worst), but a kid with a pretty voice is going to sing Ordinary World by Duran Duran to me? YES FINE SIGN ME UP. Made me think: not much, actually.

Dancing with the Stars

What if I told you that Tommy Chong made me cry last week? Not that I am saying that. Just, whatever. Made me think: GODDAMNIT I LOVE A TANGO AND A PASO

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

You know an ensemble comedy has finally come together when you start having arguments with yourself about which character is the best/funniest/most favorite. My current vote: Andre Braugher. Ask me again next week. Made me think: I still wish they would do more with Santiago and I’m gonna keep wishing it until it happens.

Happy watching, and happy Monday!

Ordinary World, Duran Duran

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