Consumables #108 Watching: Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me

Elaine Stritch was many things: a Broadway legend, a cabaret singer, a film actor, a tough broad, a wisecracker, and a frigging HOOT. This documentary follows her, in her early 80s, as she prepares for a cabaret run at the Carlyle Hotel in New York. We watch her stomping vigorously around NYC in black tights, white tennis shoes, and a mink coat, being greeted by fans everywhere she goes. We watch her struggle with memory loss (those frigging Sondheim lyrics are a mouthful for any brain to spit out) and diabetes and stress and getting older. We watch her be a total pain in the hindquarters but also be completely endearing the entire time, like some kind of weird magician. We watch the fact that she literally never wears pants (and by this I do not mean that, like me, she prefers dresses– she straight up just doesn’t ever wear pants). We watch her talk about the love of her life. She’s painfully vulnerable and brassy as hell. She’s one of the last connectors we have to classic Broadway and I loved watching her. One helluva dame.

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