Easy Freezy Beautiful

The cold snap we have been experiencing continues apace (it’s been in the 20s at night here, which I KNOW my friends from other parts of the country will chuckle about but for Seattle in November it feels like Frigidaire in our underwear), and not only have my efforts to not be a whiny milquetoast been successful, I resisted the urge to huddle in a pajama ball at home all weekend, which makes me feel quite proud of myself. Good job, me!

Well, let me back up for just a second– I suppose, if we want to be technical, I did arrive home from work on Friday evening to my beloved, who was ready to take me out to dinner on the town, and I did, according to verified facts, refuse his going-out-enthusiasm due to pajama yearning. Sometimes the call of the jimmity jams cannot be denied.

However! I did get myself out and about for the rest of the weekend. My friend Kristen and I went to get our art on at a local museum, and the prevailing take away for me was a big fat royal “HUH?” during and afterward. The exhibit we saw was thoughtfully put together and ripe with meaning I am sure, but I just did not get it AT ALLLLL beyond a very surfacey understanding. The whole time I was just thinking: who the what now? I am going to glass-half-full this one and say that it is a valuable experience to be put in a position where we do not know what the eff is going on sometimes. This is not a rare feeling for me, though, if I’m gonna be truthful.

After confusing museum time, we went on a nice long walk and talk around the UW campus. It was sunny and cold and the autumn leaves were showing off. Look at me, embracing fall! Stepping on crunchy leaves, getting red cheeked, stopping off for a hot chocolate. Pretty damn fine.

In the evening, my sweetie and I went out to dinner at a place where we usually get take out and you should have seen the shock on the restaurant staff’s faces about it. You would like a TABLE? You will be staying and sitting? We continued to blow minds by ordering shit off the menu that was not our usual take out dinner items. No, we will NOT be ordering our usual! Up is down! Left is right!

Other highlights of the weekend included going to see a dance show (and this was some art that I could fully understand, thank goodness because I was kind of over feeling cornfused) and grocery-doing, laundry-finishing, home-improving, family-phone-calling and the like. And maybe a little pajama huddle squeezed in at the end. Cold weather has not defeated me yet and it shall not this year! IT SHALL NOT! *shakes icy fist at sky*


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