Go go Chicago

I took a trip to Chicago over the weekend that was as long as the blink of an eye. While there, I stayed with my friencess Alli and her hubs/my home fry, Chris. My other friend/fave Map drove her ass all the way from the Detroit area to see me for a less-than-24-hour period before turning around and driving all the way back. What kind of friends do I have? The loveliest. During this trip, we ate the deepest of deep dish pizzas (oh dear cheezus, that was good), we supportive-shopped with Map to find a decent pair of jeans (unsuccessfully), we froze our everloving nutsacks off (ok, maybe that was just wimpy Seattle-ite me), Chris made me cry laughing over something called “glottal scratching,” and Alli made me stay up til 2am in order to watch (oy yoy yoy) Hot Tub Time Machine because her love for the Cusack is like no other love in the land. After all of that, I pretty much felt like I had been run over by a truck, but in the last few hours of the trip I managed to squeeze in a lunch with The Maiden Metallurgist and her fam, which included possibly the two cutest little kiddos in the state of Illinois. (The fam includes two little kiddos, not the lunch. I did not eat those babies although I possibly could have). The Metallurgist family put up with my Hot Tub Time Machine hangover (you guys, that movie made me ILL, for real I was feeling green) and once again I recommend getting to know your blog friends. Or maybe the key is to get to know my blog friends.

By the time I got on the plane I felt like I was on my way to coming home sick, but so far today I have held it together. In any event, the lightning speed trip was worth it. If I do get sick though, I blame you, Cusack.

Bye, Chicago.


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