Oh yeah, my birthday

It was my birthday a couple weeks ago. I forgot to mention it. After my beautiful trip to New York there just didn’t seem to be much need for further to-do about it. But I’m another year older, time marches on, blah blah like a fine wine, etc. I’m feeling pretty grounded these days, like I know what’s what as much as one can considering we’re all stumbling around like a bunch of drunk pigeons. Knowing what’s what is good and bad, but it all seems like it’s where it should be, so that’s something.

Overall though, I can’t complain. I’ve got my dude and my little band of people who love me, and best of all I’m taking care of myself more than ever. I love myself, for reals, and that, in the immortal words of Whitney, is the greatest looooooove of allllll. Although she also said “we can take the night into tomorrow living on feelings” so who knows what anything means, is maybe the real message here.

Anyway. Happy belated birthday, me.


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