Water times three

I have to list the latest, my dears.

1. I keep forgetting to hydrate this week, which is making me sleeeeeeeeeeepy and low energy all day long. I used to have a coworker who would always whisper to himself audibly “water water waterrrrr” before running off to find his water bottle. Like, every single time. Water water waterrrr. Three in a row. I find it weird but yet he was not walking around like a sleepy dope so whatever works, dude.

2. Also, I have been feeling extra grumpy. I think maybe water is important or something? Maybe science could look into it.

3. One of my mom’s best friends’ daughter was in town for a conference so we met up to hang out. We have talked on the phone but never seen each other in person. I feel like this is a phenomenon that doesn’t get talked about– when you become friends with people based on the fact that your parents are friends. Does anyone else do this? Maybe it’s not a thing.

4. Fixy stopped by my work today quite unexpectedly. That was lovely.

5. I recently learned that some people consider any beverage with bubbles in it “spicy.” I would like to register a complaint about this in triplicate.


  1. I need to get a life, because I clicked K8’s link, and I found that song actually very interesting from a musical standpoint — the unusual chord progression at the end. The first time my daughter Mara tried a sip of my root beer when she was little, she was disturbed by the carbonation fizzing up at her nose, and the word she used to describe this was “picy” (for “spicy”), which I naturally found adorable. Later, my younger daughter Millie would use “spicy” to complain about my beard tickling her face when I kissed her. So, just…I won’t be standing with you in the teeth of whatever oppression you’re experiencing from that usage.

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