No Canada! Stayed Home in Our Own Land

That was an O Canada thing I did there. Did you get it? Look, I am tired ok? It’s all I got.

It has definitely turned into lights out time in Seattle. It’s still pretty warm but the clouds have rolled in, so we’ll be seeing you next spring, Sun. This is where I make my annual lemon fresh pledge to not complain about the weather because (a) it’s weather and really it’s not that bad especially considering I have my Midwest rep to uphold and (b) you know and I know that it’s tiresome to listen to weather complaints from other people during times of year that you like the weather. So just like I get tired of the Coldies harumphing about the sun, I know they don’t want to hear me acting a Chilly Willy foolio in winter.

Let’s see if I make it through the season without complaining. On the one hand, I never have made it too long before the whimpering busts through. On the other hand, I am a lot better than I used to be.

Why am I talking so much about the weather right now? For Pete’s sake. Get it together, lady.

This past weekend we had a sort of half-baked plan to maybe head to Canadia for a couple of days, but the weather looked iffy (gah! the weather again!) so we ditched it at the last minute, which left us the entire weekend plan-free. We went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant Friday night (the place had crickets as an appetizer and I know I should get over it and be more urbane and sophisticated and intellectually I totally get it but BARRRRRFFF), and on Saturday night we decided to try to get some people together for a drink at our neighborhood bar but every person we invited was sick except for a couple that are friends of friends, so we ended up on a sort of double date with them. This could have easily been awkward or even straight up awful, but it was nice. I wondered afterward if I talked too much, but I always wonder that. Well, either I wonder if I talk too much or if I talked too little. I don’t usually worry too much about the content of what I say. For me, the worry is quantity. Do you have that? I feel like no one else has that.

Sunday we repainted our bedroom because it’s been sort of torn up ever since the built in closet went in. I have no photos of that because it’s boring. We spent the rest of the weekend in a sort of cleaning and errand frenzy and wrapped up the whole shebang with a nice long evening of tv. Weekend sufficiently rocked.

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