Consumables #98 Listen: All for You

Getting back from a trip, no matter how short, always feels a bit punishing on the other side. My life (yours too?) is apparently set up in such a machine-like way as to result in all kinds of back ups, clogs, and pile ups whenever I look away for a minute and interrupt the sausage-making that is life. (Can I just tell you how much I do not like the sausage making metaphor? Ugh, why did I use it? Let’s hold hands and resolve to never utter sausage related symbolism ever again, unless it is peen-related, in which case I’ll allow it). This means that digging out has to happen, which harshes my vacation buzz I had going, man, like for serious.

Let’s take four minutes and pretend like the only thing on our to-do list is to execute some sweet choreography in front of 2-D animation. If only.

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