Autumn in New York

I went to New York for a quick weekend trip and that city, as per usual, treated me so fine. It was the kind of trip where I was feeling nostalgic for it, even while it was happening. I’m going to bottle it and visit it on bad days.

I did absolutely no pre-trip-planning, so I arrived at my hotel Friday evening with one hour to try to whip up something to do. I dropped my stuff off and ran back out the door, stopping at the Shake Shack for some fries before hopping over to Lincoln Center, hoping that New York City Ballet would not be sold out. I made it in just the nick of time- my butt was lowering into my seat right as the lights went down. The downside of the performance was that I was sitting next to a snooty lady who wanted to make her ballet knowledge known to everyone around her, like a Frasierette Crane, but other than that, seeing some Balanchine/Stravinsky realness was delectable. I walked part way back to my hotel that night, in a sort of dreamy mood.

The next day after a luxurious lie in (black out curtains tis of thee, sweet napping all for me) I went out and found a french bakery to sip tea, read a book, and watch people go by. Then I walked around in the rain and just felt the gorgeousness of the city and some quietness in my head, which was sorely needed, both. Midday I met up with the magnificent Maddie, one of the very first blog friends that turned into a real friend in my life, lo these five or six years ago now. We hoofed it over to Bubby’s for a bite to eat, and then we hightailed it to Midtown to meet up with other friends for a drink or two or three and then on to Koreatown for karaoke. So fun, so laughy, and the singing went down to epic town. And then Maddie and I rode the rails back to the hotel. We rolled out of the hotel at noon the next day and walked the shit out of the lower west side, talking all the way. We ate breakfast at a cute little Cuban place with sky blue paint on the walls, went through the Financial District, TriBeCa, West Village, Soho, Chelsea, walked the Highline, gabbing gabbing gabbing.

We made a stop at the hotel at the end of the day to give our tootsies a rest, where we heckle-watched Battleship (so so bad, people) and Maddie lost her Taylor Kitsch lady boner, maybe for good. We ventured out for dinner at 9 or 10 which we capped off with a piece of birthday cake for me, and parted ways close to midnight. I made my way home Monday, my feet sore, my throat hoarse, and my core lighter. There’s a special thing that happens when you have a pal that feels like you’ll never run out of things to tell each other, and Maddie is that special sort who I could listen to all day long and tell my secrets to. She’s a rare find, that one.

New York and Maddie, y’all. Best. Fact.





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