Consumables #97 Reads: Like No Other

Remember a few posts ago, when I did that little quiz from Dizz, and there was a question about when the last time I was embarrassed was, and I couldn’t remember one, but I did say that I felt like that meant I was due? Yeah, so yesterday, I was mortified. MORTY FIED. Like, we are talking David Brent levels. Don’t you want to know what happened? Well, I’m going to be a butt munch and not tell you because GAHHHHHH SO EMBARRASSING. Just know that my embarrassment clock has been re-set and I am good for months.

On another note, Fixy parked his car in a spot he shouldn’ta yesterday, and when he came back to get it, his shit had gotten towed. The ordeal to get his truck back clocked in at about 3 hours of our evening last night, with a honker of a bill to match. I was home at the time, having just gotten into my pajamas even though it was broad daylight because that is what one does after returning home from Embarrassmentopolis 2014, and he called me up and I had to unpajamify and get out into rush hour traffic and the longer the ordeal the hungrier we both were and the tireder we both were and neither one of us turned on each other the entire time. This, added onto the whole deck building togetherness a few weeks ago, and I think that guy and I may be set to stay together for some time to come, I’m just guessing, because that constitutes a double miracle.

If my truck-got-towed story (I know, I am really stretching the definition of “story”) is not romantic enough for you, maybe a better thing would be to read this book I just read (SEGUE WUT WUT). It’s called Like No Other, by Una LaMarche. Please forgive me for saying something so tired, but it’s a modern Romeo and Juliet style romance. But yes, I know that’s been done a fazillion times, but there’s a reason, maybe? Love with obstacles is compelling, right? (How many of you pictured a romance on a Battle of the Network Stars style obstacle course when you saw “love with obstacles,” like I did?). In this case, the romance is between a Orthodox Jewish teen girl and an African American teen boy, and the story is sweet and the characters are smart. If you liked Eleanor and Park, by Rainbow Rowell, you might like this one. Oh, it’s a teen novel, so if you aren’t hip to that jazz, whatevers.

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