We Built This Decky on Rock and Roll

I’m always available for the home improvement assist, but usually I am in and out of the process– an hour here, an hour there, while Fixy (my new nickname for Nordic Boy, it’s so approps) puts in the real hours. With the deck project though, I was in it to win it. Or perhaps not to win it, but more like to effing get it done before the summer was really and truly over. There have been weekends where I truly thought this was going to be the home improvement project that would do us in and never get finished, but that is just me being dramatic because that is how I do. It was a nice relief to realize that Fixy (ha ha ha, I know it’s only funny to me) and I enjoy working together for long hours even while being burnt to a crisp and doing lots of math (carpentry! SO MUCH MATHEMATICS) which are two ingredients that could mix together to spell B-R-E-A-K-U-P.

But we made it through, and our deck, which is almost as big as our motherscratching house, has been built! By us and our four hands (well, 6 hands if you count Delium, which we shall, because he pitched in as per usual because he is DA BEST).

It’s so pretty, you guys!!!!!!! Let’s kick back with our mint juleps and deck it up.



  1. That deck looks awesome. Any couple who can tackle bigtime DIY like this without murderous blood on their hands doesn’t have to worry about B-R-E-A-K-U-P.

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