Consumables #93: Read, Watch, Listen

A hodge podge clean up sort of day to round out the week!

First of all, Dancing with the Stars is back! This is like the return of football season for some of us. You guys, Carlton is on it! I really shouldn’t need to even sell it beyond saying that.

Second of all, I discovered a delightful picture book for kids that just came out called This Day in June, by Gayle E. Pitman. It’s a cheerful celebration of a book that talks about Pride parades, and it’s so well done. Sweet illustrations, inclusive language.

Third of all, I read this monster tome of a book called Far from the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity, by Andrew Solomon. In it, Solomon discusses the experiences of parents who have children with significantly different identity markers than themselves. He defines this broadly– he talks about families with children who are deaf, who are prodigies, who are little people, who have Down syndrome, who are transgender, and much more. There are lots and lots of personal stories of individual families that Solomon talked to while researching the book– in fact I would say those stories are most of the book. These stories paint a picture of diversity but also of such love that unites these families. There were many passages that made me think, and some that I wrestled with. It’s a daunting read (nine HUNDRED pages), but it reads quickly.


Class Historian, by Broncho


  1. Wasn’t Carlton “The tap dance kid?” earlier in his life? kind of unfair that he is already a dancer. But, he is so great that I love watching him!

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