Consumables #91, Dept. of Speculation

It is a hunktacular day in my city today. I mean, just gorgicious. I went to eat my lunch outside and it was all like this:


So lovely.

This week I read a strange little novel called the Dept. of Speculation, by Jenny Offill. It’s the story of a relationship, and all of the characters go unnamed. We know there’s a wife, a husband, a daughter. The story is written via short, poetic paragraphs, each one with a clear line break between them, and often offering no discernible segues from one to the next. Each of the paragraphs is it’s own discrete, complete idea, and yet, somehow, Offill strings all of these little ideas into a narrative that moves along and is always cohesive, somehow. It was quite a feat, writing-wise. I have to admit I didn’t much pay attention to characters, setting, or even plot, really. It was just all about this weird writing style and seeing how it worked. And it really did work.

Happy Friday, all. I hope it’s a sweet one.

Lowell, Palm Trees


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