Put a chidiya on it

Because we are renowned arty farts, we went to the Seattle Art Museum to see not one, but two exhibits recently (double your arty fart, double your snoot!) One showcased Modernism from the Pacific Northwest, and the other was contemporary art from India. I expected to enjoy both, and I did, but boy howdy, the Indian one rocked my freaking mojeh (that’s socks, non-Hindi peeps). It was varied, layered, mixed up, sad, funny, just so good. There was a photography series by Nandini Valli Muthiah called Definitive Reincarnate where a young, hot Krishna is photographed in settings that bring to mind modern celebrity: Krishna in a convertible, Krishna looking lonely in a hotel room. There was a lifesize red fiberglass sculpture called India Shining V (Gandhi with iPod), 2008, Debanjan Roy which was just as it sounds: Gandhi walking looking down at his iPod. Rarely do I see an exhibit where I’m captivated by every piece in it, but this one: the dog’s bollocks, people.

The Pacific Northwest Modernism one was interesting, but the washed out abstracts seemed extra washed out and sallow when seen alongside the exhibit next to it. Plus, with summer ending and the Seattle greys coming on strong very soon- ugh. I wasn’t ready to be dipped in anemic palettes quite yet. And can I just say that, even back in the day (most of these paintings were from the 1940s and 1950s), the Pacific Northwest arty types were way way way into putting a bird on it? Putting birds on everything was not invented by PNW hipsters, it turns out.

I know, it’s over-quoted, but still: it’s funny.

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