Consumables #89, Movies

Saw Tim’s Vermeer last night and it sort of blew my mind a little bit. It’s a documentary about this guy who wants to figure out how Vermeer painted shit that was so photo-realistic, since the technique that Vermeer used is pretty much unknown. He thinks he has it figured out, and, because he is a rich dude who can make these things happen, he spends months of his time recreating one of Vermeer’s paintings, even though he has never painted a thing in his life before. First of all, being rich and having resources and time to do such a thing in the first place is cuckoo bananas. I mean, to be able to get a wild hair like that and just be all “I shall now pursue this wild hair for the rest of my year” is a thing to fathom in and of itself, let alone the painty painty. Putting that aside though, the painting technique that he posits is pretty dang snazzy, to put it in artistic terminology for you. Snazzy and also a pain in the poopoo. I was exhausted just watching it. If you’re interested in oil painting techniques, or rich dudes doing weird stuff, or what have you, get on it.

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